R.MDarren, thank you for being here with us today, could you please tell me what were the first steps Genesis Property took at the start of the pandemic?

Darren Allen – In the first weeks of the coronavirus outbreak, we realized that the pandemic will unfold globally in the following years, and will impact people, societies and economies, changing the way we live, work and interact. At Genesis Property our first steps were to ensure that our employees are safe and can continue operating efficiently in a secure environment, implementing the necessary social distancing and health safety measures.

R.M. The projects developed by Genesis Property mean more than just buildings, they represent an entire universe, and practically develop communities. Those who work there can access a series of facilities designed with the spirit of community development. What can you tell us about these, or maybe about future plans in this respect? What’s next for Genesis Property?

Darren Allen – The spirit of community is exactly what we try to capture in the office of the future, because the office will become much more than it is today. According to a recent survey initiated by Genesis Property, people expect the office to provide an integrated work, entertainment and socializing experience. The office should become, first of all, a safer place for health, but also a place where people can be creative, with technologies and artificial intelligence tools that eliminate repetitive activities. All our future plans are related to this evolutionary and revolutionary step for the offices of the future.

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