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West Gate Studios: The new school year brings 30% higher demand for accommodation, attention to health conditions and leisure benefits

Bucharest, July 13, 2023 – Summer holidays also translate into a search for secure housing for students who are attentive to living conditions, and this is reflected by a 30% higher demand for accommodation in West Gate Studios, the first and largest private student campus in the country.

"Following the pandemic, with restrictions, hybrid courses and limited contact, students, but also parents, are increasingly preoccupied with finding an accommodation that focuses on two key criteria: safety and health. We see this in the interest shown in the accommodation options at West Gate Studios and in the resetting of expectations of what accommodation means. We clearly differentiate ourselves, through the multicultural area as well, the carefully managed community and the attention to the details that matter in a student's life,” said Cristian Slave, Director, West Gate Studios.

The private campus located in the West Gate Business District complex comprises more than 800 studios and apartments, with a total capacity of over 1,650 spots. Students have access to a swimming pool, fitness room, event space, restaurant, parking, laundry and private medical services. In addition, the campus includes a 120-seat library and a 40-seat study hall. Located two minutes from the metro, with direct links to renowned universities like the Polytechnic, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and ASE, the campus is an efficient choice for students.

Custom Benefits

If recent studies have shown that the environment influences academic performance, classrooms provide an efficient environment for acquiring information, accommodation spaces also are a decisive factor in the educational and professional evolution of young people.

By September 30, people who contract a place on campus benefit from an accommodation fee discount, along with discounted hotel accommodation, useful for the faculty admission periods. In addition, raffles with attractive prizes, ranging from 1 year of free accommodation to tickets to the most desired festivals of the year, can provide additional benefits.

The relaxation component is also relevant in the balance between personal life and education, and young people who contract spaces in the West Gate Campus also benefit from 15 free entries to the swimming pool on the campus premises, one of the most appreciated benefits among tenants.

West Gate Studios provides modern and comfortable accommodation, along with multiple options for study and leisure. As part of the campus community, young people benefit from the comfort of a fully furnished home, increased safety with permanent monitoring and security, sports programs and activities, and themed parties and workshops. Moreover, along with the pandemic and even nowadays, additional cleaning and sanitation protocols aimed at increasing the degree of health for students have been implemented.

Ever since 2015, West Gate Studios has been a member of the prestigious International Houses Worldwide organization, made of student campus operators from all continents, which bear the same name - International House - and which share a similar mission, to provide students of different nationalities and different cultures the opportunity to live and learn together, in a community of mutual respect, understanding and international friendship.

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