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Continuous improvement of the EHS system

We are fully aware of the responsibility we have to ensure the safety of thousands of people who live, work, or relax in the locations we own and manage, and we believe their integrity must be continuously protected.

Health and safety, as well as ensuring a positive working environment, are priorities at Genesis Property. The objective is to provide a healthy and accident-free workplace. Using a structured approach, the company proactively works to improve employee health, prevent risks, and avoid workplace accidents.

For this reason, Health and Safety are essential to all our activities.

We aim to achieve high standards of health and safety through a combination of positive and proactive management, training, and continuous identification of improvement opportunities through policies and procedures.

Our Group's commitment to superior quality services, continuous improvement of environmental performance, as well as health and safety systems at the workplace within our operations, has been recognized through the receipt of the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

We periodically conduct risk assessments and audits with third-party partners; the results of these audits are made available to our stakeholders, and we ensure that any additional actions identified are promptly addressed.

All employees participate in health and safety training at the beginning of their employment, as well as in other role-specific training courses.

Our training program ensures that a strong culture of health and safety remains integrated within the organization and is communicated to our partners.

Our health and safety policy is available below.

Additionally, since 2023, we have become the first real estate company in Romania to obtain registration within the prestigious Environmental Management System EMAS.

The process of obtaining the EMAS Registration Certificate is a rigorous and meticulous endeavor, involving initial environmental assessments, reporting on a set of core indicators, and transparent publication of the Environmental Statement.

Our first environmental statement is available below.

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