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Develop training and employment opportunities

For over 10 years, we have been supporting individuals in our communities to find a direct path to employment, facilitating access to training, volunteering, internships, apprenticeships, and mentoring.

We have contributed to the development of skills for hundreds of individuals and supported the creation of new businesses.

We continue to support individuals facing various barriers, such as young people, especially students without previous professional experience.

We design educational programs aimed at contributing to the development of talents needed not only for the future of our industry but also for the needs of our clients.

We are partners with our clients in collaborating with young people from our communities who would benefit most from time spent in a professional environment, helping them build confidence, aspirations, and skills to prepare for their future careers.

We involve employees, clients, and partners in our volunteering and internship programs, including mentoring and career awareness activities, thereby providing young people with role models and career success skills.

Collaboration not only with our clients but also with high schools and universities to support skills development and employment initiatives is essential to prepare young people for the job market and inspire the workforce of the future.

West Gate Studios is the first and largest private housing project for young people in Romania, hosting approximately 1,400 young people annually, both Romanian and foreign.

Community activities are promoted and managed by the "International Housing Bucharest" Foundation, a non-profit organization established for this purpose by the owners of Genesis Property.

Since 2016, our foundation has become a member of the prestigious organization "International Houses Worldwide - IHWw", a consortium of 14 independent international houses worldwide.

Every year, our group welcomes hundreds of new resident young people.

We are also aware that people are Genesis Property's main asset and a strong source through which we ensure a competitive advantage.

Being the company's primary resource, Genesis Property employees are essential for its collective success. We consistently work with everyone to create an environment where people enjoy their work and feel encouraged and supported to develop.

We are committed to providing employees with all opportunities to learn and grow, strengthening both business performance and the potential of each team member.

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