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Energy efficiency increasing

Energy consumption generates nearly 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, achieving the major decarbonization goal by 2050 requires, among other things, paying increased attention to energy efficiency and transitioning to clean energy.

On the other hand, energy efficiency practically means using less energy to benefit from the same working and comfort conditions. This goal can be achieved through investments in additional insulation of certain elements of building envelopes, in new technologies and lighting systems, or presence or motion sensors, as well as through behavioral changes and collaboration to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

We have the responsibility to create the best opportunities for both the current and future generations to live and work in safer and healthier built environments, and the obligation to offer our successors the ability to manage their energy consumption as efficiently as possible is also part of this responsibility.

All seven buildings in YUNITY Park are already classified in the A class for energy efficiency.

The energy performance certificates can be consulted below.

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