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As a long-term investor, Genesis Property is committed to contributing to the long-term vitality of the communities it is part of. We maintain our commitment to supporting our community, with special attention given to young people.

Our business activities coincide with the interests of many individuals, which is why collaborating with various members of our community is crucial to us.

Through this dialogue, we communicate our decisions and actions transparently, not only to align diverse divergent interests as much as possible but also to maintain and develop TRUST.

Transparent and honest communication is at the core of our values and is essential to ensure that all stakeholders can understand how our sustainability-related challenges, risks, and opportunities are reported and integrated into our business strategy.

We collaborate with a range of partners, including non-profit organizations, charities, educational entities, and other groups in the local community, to build long-term relationships that maximize the value generated by our resources.

To ensure the best outcomes for our communities following the investments we make, we will play a more active role in creating and implementing our community programs, involving colleagues across the company.

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We will create and implement Community Event Plans at both locations in our portfolio by 2025.

To achieve this goal, we will focus our actions on three priority areas:

1. Developing training and employment opportunities;
2. Promoting a more inclusive and diverse culture;
3. Promoting activities that facilitate community engagement.

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