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Board of Directors of Genesis Property

Our Board of Directors oversees the strategic, tactical, and operational management of Genesis Property, leveraging the expertise and experience of its members.

Liviu Tudor


Gavin Bonner


Ștefan Tudos

Vicepresident, Leasing

Cătălin Năstăsoiu

Vicepresident, Marketing Strategy

Ioan Bejan

ESG Director

Roxana Albu

General Director, FM

Ionel Purice

CEO, Developments

Cristian Slave

General Manager, West Gate Studios

Marcela Stancu

Community Director

Maricel Molodău


Teodor Stoica

HR Manager

Management Team

The entire management team supports the Board of Directors in the proper implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

Victor Crețu

Facility Manager YUNITY Park

Dragoș Cozma

IT Manager

Mihai Sălcianu

Security Director

Daniel Stănciucu

Technical Coordinator - West Gate

Cristi Bondoc

Technical Coordinator - YUNITY Park

Cristian Dumitru

Security Coordinator - West Gate

Costin Drăguț

Security Coordinator - YUNITY Park

Emilia Marinescu

Coordinator, Cleaning & Gardening

Viorica Grosu

Coordinator, Cleaning & Gardening

Within Genesis Property, there are also Special Purpose Committees:

Audit Committee

Sustainability & ESG Task Force

The President and the Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Working Group perform the following tasks:

Establish, approve, and review the strategy.

Ensure compliance.

Set priorities and objectives.

Review and approve reports.

The management team performs the following tasks:

Implements the strategy.

Manages operations.

Coordinates consultants and service providers.

The Sustainability and ESG Consultant ensures the completion of the following tasks:

Conducts ESG audits.

Develops and implements the strategy and processes.

Produces sustainability and ESG reporting.

Ethics and Compliance

Genesis Property positions integrity and responsibility at the core of all its actions and values. This commitment is supported and continuously developed by a strong culture of business ethics and full compliance of all group initiatives with legal provisions.

"Genesis Property promotes long-term business relationships based on transparency, integrity, and loyalty not only with its own employees but also with all clients, suppliers, or partners. The reputation of Genesis Property is built on the continuous strengthening of its rules and procedures regarding ethical business behavior." (Liviu Tudor, Chairman of Genesis Property)

To strengthen and continuously develop ethical behavior throughout the course of daily professional activities, the group has adopted Codes, Policies, and Compliance Procedures.

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