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Promote activities to facilitate community engagement

Customer satisfaction is the priority for the Genesis Property group. This objective is achieved through listening and creating a dialogue with customers in all activities.

Lifestyle changes, the emergence of new ways of working and mobility, and the growth of the collaborative economy, with social and technological impact, are transforming the expectations and needs of today's customers.

We are aware that the offices of the future need to be attractive enough to inspire current and potential employees to come, collaborate, and participate in a culture of continuous learning, similar to university models.

Genesis Property supports these developments by adapting its offerings and improving the flexibility and adaptability of its assets to meet the needs of customers and users. Our business parks are living environments, meeting places, and social hubs, open to all, bringing together communities of all kinds, both physical and virtual.

By expanding our lunch options, organizing a wide range of events, and enhancing our services, we are building exciting and enjoyable experiences for customers.

We constantly communicate with our partners through a variety of means. For example, we conduct customer surveys, studies, face-to-face or virtual interactions, and organize dialogues on specific topics.

Additionally, we work with a range of collaborators, including non-profit organizations, charities, educational entities, and other groups from local communities. Community groups express their commitment through the connections they create at cultural, sports, or charitable events. We consistently provide spaces in both our business parks to contribute to building initiatives and creating special moments that bring people together as a united community.

Our business parks provide an ideal environment to host various activities or simply bring people together through sports events or common cultural interests, such as themed conferences, concerts, and exhibitions.

We consistently engage in a wide range of activities and support impactful local programs.

Mercato Kultur

Genesis Property supports the Mercato Kultur project, an urban garden located in the heart of the city, in the Aviatorilor area.

The project is carried out by the Kané Group and creates a new quality outdoor cultural, food, and entertainment space for Bucharest residents.

Employees from YUNITY Park and West Gate receive a 15% discount at the bar upon presenting their office badge.

Mercato Kultur is conceived as a versatile space that combines an enticing selection of food trucks and craft beer, both local and from Berlin, specialty coffee brews, weekend farmers markets bringing together local producers, acoustic concerts and DJ sets, children's theater, pop-up shops, and many relaxation areas.

Address: 10 Căpitan Gheorghe Demetriade Street, Bucharest

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