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Absorbing Any Residual Carbon

To truly become a "zero carbon" company, Genesis Property will need to offset the remaining residual emissions. Immediately after carbon emissions associated with all three domains have been minimized to the greatest extent possible, we will direct funds towards residual carbon offset projects that effectively capture carbon from the atmosphere, such as carbon capture through new reforestation actions.

To achieve true net zero carbon in construction, we will need to offset emissions only after we have minimized them to a minimum on all construction sites.

Once carbon emissions have been minimized as much as possible, we will direct funds towards carbon offset projects that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere, such as carbon absorption through tree planting. We will also prevent the release of new emissions into the atmosphere, for example, by launching a forest conservation project or subsidizing a renewable energy project that enables the phase-out of fossil fuels.

Currently, our priority is to eliminate as much as possible all incorporated and operational carbon emissions from our portfolio.

To this end, we are conducting research to identify and implement an innovative carbon sequestration approach to neutralize our operational carbon emissions by the end of 2027.

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