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Enhance the environment beyond buildings

Considering that personnel costs typically represent approximately 90% of the total operating costs of a company, we know that investing in facilities that improve the health and productivity of employees is a good business measure.

Creating workspaces that positively influence the physical and mental well-being of our clients remains a priority. We are committed to designing and managing our assets to improve the physical and mental well-being of our clients and to enhance their productivity.

We work in partnership with clients and the communities we are part of to improve the local environment, from volunteering and supporting environmental and biodiversity projects to facilitating more eco-friendly transportation operations, such as cycling and electric vehicles.

We aim to create the best possible conditions for everyone living and working in our premises. Therefore, we think far beyond the properties we own and operate and strive to encourage activity in the spaces between buildings, create meeting places where people feel safe, as well as services and features that encourage interaction and conversation.

It's important for us to make urban environments more humane, relaxing, diverse, and surprising.

Nature and gardens are important for everyone's quality of life. We continue to identify any opportunity to create and enhance green spaces and promote biodiversity across all our locations. By doing so, we also contribute to ecosystem services such as reducing air pollution and pollination.

Trees, green roofs, and smart surface water management help us better adapt our buildings to the climate and also cope with increasingly frequent extreme weather events. At the same time, we create locations that are greener and make us want to be there.

Additionally, we engage our office and residential sector clients in activities conducted in our buildings to increase their awareness of this subject.

The recent launch of the YUNITY Park transformation project is a clear testament to this approach. The starting point will be the park, whose concept is supported by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to a more active and vibrant street environment, offering people more space.

The concept is designed with various elements and installations that, in distinct ways, will support and inform about all 17 global goals.

Reconnecting people with other living organisms is one of the key challenges of today's and tomorrow's society.

We sensitize both our employees and clients to this issue.

Our objectives:

  • Ensure that we do not fall below 30% of vegetation surfaces equivalent in soil;
  • Engage the occupants of our offices and residences in managing plant species to raise awareness and create a connection.
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