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Promoting the principles of the circular economy

Saving the planet, of course, means reducing waste. As a major player in the real estate sector, we join this collective effort to lessen environmental impact by promoting reuse and implementing circular economy principles, encouraging and raising awareness about recycling and responsible water consumption.

Shifting from linear thinking and behavior to a circular approach represents a major transformation for any company, significantly contributing to the main goal of becoming a zero-emissions company by 2040.

When we purchase, use, and reuse resources efficiently, we see significant benefits. We continuously work to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by promoting reuse and circular economy principles, encouraging recycling, and efficient water use. Only by acting responsibly in this manner can we achieve our primary objective of becoming a net-zero company by 2040.

We are already monitoring a series of environmental indicators, and our goals are focused on energy, resources, and various materials to ensure we reduce the impact in every area of activity.

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