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The Genesis Property Scholarships, in partnership with SOS Children's Villages Romania

Through the partnership established with SOS Children's Villages Romania, young people from across the country will benefit from the Genesis Property Scholarships in 2023.

As we want to protect the identity of the young people we help, the photos and names used in the stories below are not real.


Irina's story cannot leave anyone indifferent, which is exactly why we are glad that we could help her with our scholarship. Irina grew up in a local branch of SOS Satele Copiilor after being separated from her biological family at a young age. After graduating from high school, Irina got a job as a nurse and discovered that her passion is helping people.

After the age of 18, she entered the PASI program of SOS, a program that supports young people on their way to independence. Irina has been in this program for 3 years, in order to complete her medical studies. As she is in her final year of accessing financial support for part of her rent, utilities and daily necessities, the Genesis scholarship will be split over the next 6 months to cover these costs until she receives her medical assistant degree and will be able to work as a qualified nurse.

We are sure that on graduation day we will all be very proud of Irina.


Alina is 19 years old and a student at the Faculty of Psychology. From an early age, she remained only in the care of his father, when her mother went to work in Spain. She took over some of the housework to support her father. They live together in a very modest home that needs a lot of improvement. Alina really wants to help those around her when it's hard for them, just as she and her family received support when needed.

Alina benefited from the education and employment programs of SOS Children's Villages Romania and participated in various workshops with other young people. She was selected to be part of a larger international project, coordinated by SOS Children's Villages, and to participate, as a speaker, in international conferences. Her speeches became inspirational to a generation of young people. To be able to attend these meetings, Alina used the Genesis scholarship which covered her travel and accommodation expenses.

We are happy to be with her in such important experiences both for her and for other young people for whom Alina has become a role model. We are confident that she will contribute to a better world for those around her.


Livia is a student in the 11th grade at a vocational school, specializing in pastry baking. Pastry baking is more than just a profession for her; it is her creative space. Although she comes from a low-income family, her parents support her and invest in singing lessons for her. In addition to that, her three siblings also participate in sports activities.

An accomplished artist, Livia is passionate about folklore and traditional music. She participates in competitions and festivals where she has already won awards. She wishes to participate in such events more frequently, but her financial situation hinders her. She will use the scholarship received from Genesis Property to purchase an authentic traditional costume.

Scholarship #2 BOGDAN

Bogdan is a student in the 11th grade, and following the counseling he received through the SOS Satele Copiilor programs, he decided to transfer from vocational school to high school. After hours, Bogdan works on a construction site to help his mother support his family and siblings. They all ran from an abusive and violent father, and now he has to watch out for them.

In his free time, Bogdan has a passion: photography. Although he does not have a high-performance phone, he manages to capture very beautiful shots, which is why he has become a kind of official photographer of those close to him.

A course in photography and specialized equipment could help him write his story in a different way, and worries about tomorrow will remain just a memory for him. We are glad that we could be with Bogdan. All children deserve a chance at a beautiful future to see in photos.

Scholarship #1 MARIA

She is 17 years old, in the 11th grade, and last year finished the term with a grade point average of 9.55. To get to school every day, she commutes with an expensive private transportation company, together with her younger sister.

She lives with her mother, father, and three siblings in an old house. Her father is unable to work due to health reasons, and the burden of raising a family falls onto her mother, who works as a day laborer to have time for the children and to take care of her husband. They need monthly support for the daily commute, as well as for school necessities such as stationeries, clothing, footwear, and daily lunch packs.

Although she is a shy person, Maria has always participated with interest and dedication in the group activities proposed by SOS Children's Villages. We are glad we could be there for her. All children deserve a chance at education for their future.

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